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Mr. Utpalendu Ghosh a 66 years old from 24 Parganas (North), West Bengal, was admitted to Desun Hospital, Kolkata around 2 am in the night. He was complaining of sudden chest pain with associated breathlessness and profuse sweating. From the past medical history at the emergency department, it was further revealed that he is hypertensive and previously had suffered a cerebral stroke in January 2015. Mr. Ghosh was quickly attended at the emergency department and later shifted to the ICU.


Mr. Ghosh’s condition gradually stabilized at the critical care unit, but his ECG and ECHO Cardiography findings were suggestive of severe coronary artery disease. Following further necessary investigations, coronary angiography was planned, which revealed major areas of his heart were barely receiving blood supply to cope with the demand.

The team of consultant cardiathoracic surgeons at DESUN, performed a CABG on Mr. Ghosh, post operatively, after initial stabilization of his condition at the operating room, he was shifted to CTVS-ITU on Intensive Ventilator & Therapeutic support. His condition was closely monitored and he was gradually weaned off all support at appropriate time.

After a few days of care at CTVS-ITU, the Cardiac Rehab Team at DESUN succeeded in sending him back home in a stable condition. Mr. Utpalendu Ghosh is enjoying a newly leased life at his home with his family and friends.

Strongest Ambulance Network Support System:

For Cardiac patients treatment in “Golden Hour” is most important and desirable. Only DESUN apart from its own ambulance fleet, has a massive network of other ambulances operating all over Kolkata as well as districts of West Bengal. DESUN can mobilise ambulances from the local area of the patient in very short time, even at midnight !

All DESUN ICU have Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, 7 Parameter Hemodynamic Monitoring, 1:1 Ventilator System. Besides those Temporary Pacemaker & round-the-clock Medical & Paramedical staff’s supports are also available.

As Desun is having its own Reference Lab performing more than 3000 super speciality Tests, quickest diagnosis helps further prognosis immediately. Specifically, Advanced Cardiac Tests like 3D ECHO, TTE, TEE helps in accurate diagnosis.

Full time expert consultants are available round the clock for 365 days to handle each emergencies and every complex cases.
24×7 availability of assistance for Cardiac Cath-lab.
Radiology, Cardiology with other diagnostic & pharmacy are functional 24 hours.