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A 60% Burn Patient SAVED at DESUN!

Mrs. Bela Mukherjee of Murshidabad was brought to DESUN with 60% burns at about 10 pm. She was in her mid 40s, obese, and was in extremely bad condition. Her family was in panic as local nursing home had announced that cure was impossible and she may die. The family came to DESUN with a ray of hope and got Mrs. Mukherjee admitted in DESUN’s. Burns Unit. A team of doctors comprising of Plastic Surgeon, Internal Medicine, Cardiologist, Clinical Nutritionist and General Surgeon immediately put her on the Latest Life Support Systems of DESUN’s Burns Unit. When she was brought here she was already suffering from high infection levels and most of her clinical parameters were unstable. Advanced tests were performed and accordingly the latest medicines were administered to heal her extremely weak condition. Once she was slightly stabilized and the infection was brought within control, the consultant doctors took her through a series of surgeries in DESUN’s Steel OT. The surgeries spanned over a period of 6 weeks because after each surgery time had to be given to her to recuperate.

After 3 months Mrs. Bela Mukherjee walked out of the hospital. She still comes to the hospital every month for doctor’s consultation and corrective physiotherapy to improve her body’s functions.r life.

Corollary: DESUN Hospital’s Burns Unit has been specially made to offer best treatment to the Burn Patients. DESUN is the only hospital which helps you in arranging for Ambulances during such emergencies. A special Ambulance Cell works round the clock which picks up patients even at midnight from any locality, be it anywhere in Kolkata or the districts. The 24 Hours Helpline Number is 90 5171 5171. Do save this number in your mobile now as one day it may save your life.


Burns are graded according to its location of damage. Commonly known as ‘LAPLACE RULE OF 9′. This percentage indicates the amount of surface area of the body which has suffered burns. With the specialised Burns Unit of DESUN patients with upto 30% burns generally survive. But the real challenge is to keep the patient alive and functional when the percentage exceeds 30. However, in many cases DESUN has been successful in saving patients with 60% burns. One such case is discussed later.

DESUN has the most ultramodern and specialized facility for treating burn patients.

The “Burns Unit” of DESUN is actually a “Burns ICU” which has all the support facilities of a modern ICU like ventilators, 7 parameter haemodynamic monitors, syringe pumps, pulse oxymeters, defibrillators etc.
The Burns Unit is a totally separate enclosure having 6 beds with special mattresses to support the burn patients.
The air-conditioning system maintains humidity and temperature as per international standards recommended for Burns ICU and also has special feature of releasing Ozone. Inside the Burns Unit Ozone is maintained at an optimal level. It stimulates local cell regeneration thereby helps to heal faster.
Specially trained nurses and doctors handle the patients for Dressing, Grafting and Plastic Surgery.
One of the biggest problems faced during treatment of burn patients is infection. Here again in Kolkata, DESUN Hospital has Steel OTs and good infection control practices which reduces chance of infection during Grafting, Plastic Surgery and all stages of recovery process.
For the above mentioned reasons the chances of a burn patient’s survival is usually higher at DESUN than other hospitals.

Burns are caused intentionally or accidentally by fire, electricity and highly corrosive agents. However, when the burn is severe both the outer layer and inner layer of the skin gets charred. But the severest form of thermal injury damages deeper tissues, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and even bones are damaged.