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The festive season begins from mid-September (Vishwakarma Puja) and continues right up to end of October (Diwali).


During this festive season any Medical Emergency like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Accidents, Burns, Coma etc. may occur. It is extremely difficult to find a hospital which has all facilities running including specialist doctors, during this festive season. DESUN like every year has special arrangements where all the facilities run 24 hours and in the past has saved hundreds of lives by working in full gear during the festive season be it 2 o’clock in the afternoon or 2 o’clock at night.

It is difficult to get Ambulance as driver’s / Ambulance owner are on holidays. DESUN helps in locating an ambulance from your locality to bring over the patient to DESUN for ICU ADMISSION. There is a 24 hours ‘Ambulance Network Cell’ which is fully operational and helps you to locate an Ambulance not only in Kolkata but in any corner of any district in West Bengal in shortest possible time.

The Emergency Department of DESUN is comprised with full time Emergency Medical Officer, Emergency Medical Assistant, Paramedical staffs & other advanced life support measures. They are active & dedicated for 24×7 in terms of primary management & immediate screening of exact diagnosis & putting into the proper discipline for further accuracy of treatment.

Year after year, DESUN’s team of Specialist Doctors, Nurses, Technicians instead of enjoying the pujas with their family and friends, work tirelessly at the hospital to save lives.

Take last year, for example. More than 1 month period between Vishwakarma Puja and Kali Puja, DESUN managed to successfully treat over 150 Emergency cases. And, quite understandably so. In Emergencies like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Accident, Burns, Coma, medical treatment at DESUN continues in full swing day and night throughout the Festive season – year after year.

Like every year this year too, DESUN is fully functional during the festive season to save precious lives.

During the Festive Season Specialist Doctors will be there to treat Emergency patients even at 2 o’clock at night as we are having full time & residential consultants in all major disciplines.

With 300 beds and 28 Medical Specialities DESUN has one of the largest and sophisticated ICU facilities in Kolkata. With 1 dedicated lifesaving ventilator for each ICU bed your patient will not suffer due to unavailability of ventilators.

The award of NABH accreditation means that our hospital ensures commitment to create culture of quality, patient safety, efficiency and accountability towards quality patient care including formation of protocols and policies as per national/international standards for medication management, clinical outcomes, infection control etc. Patients are involved in care planning and decision making with treatment of qualified and trained doctors and staffs & continuous monitoring of its services for improvement.

We are the only hospital in West Bengal who obtained award of re-accreditation for 6 consecutive years. It is not out of place to mention here that NABH Certification is today the highest benchmark for hospital quality in India. Patients are the biggest beneficiaries, as it results in a high quality of care and patient safety.

You are well aware that given our long & proven track record and low mortality rate as well as good clinical outcome now DESUN has become a choice of critical & complicated cases in city.

Scientific & Protocol Base Drug Administration – As per investigation reports and culture sensitivity reports, consultants administer those drugs which are only indicative and supported by NABH rules. This protocol based treatment guideline results in financial impacts in billing also.
Decision of Defined Drug Committee – Besides the aforesaid drug administration by the concerned consultant, an audit on medicine administration is also being conducted by Defined Drug Committee which will reflect authentication and proper treatment protocol in medicine administration.
Using of Ultramodern high-end Equipment – As we are using all latest & advance version of bio medical equipment, there is zero chances of diagnostic dilemma.
DESUN has the entire range of specialist doctors, nursing and paramedical staff fully operational during the festive season.

Enjoy the festive season. But if there is any Emergency there is always DESUN. That is why while you are enjoying your holidays DESUN is working. Therefore, we say – “Tomar Chuti Aamar Noy”.