Uro Surgery Package

The hospital has experienced medical and patient care team who give detailed cost
estimation to patients about their surgery and surgical procedures and the hospital
works best to complete the committed surgery or procedure within the given estimated
cost. Get affordable surgery cost and best medical facility.

There are more than 100 affordable heart related packages available at DESUN. If you
cannot find a suitable package please contact below

Email : desun@desunhospital.com,

Call us: 90 5171 5171

List Of Desun's Non Heart Related Surgery / Procedure

Name of the Surgery / Procedure Package Click to view
Prostate (TURP) See Details
Trans Urethral Resection of Bladder Tumour See Details
Removal of Ureteric Stone by Litho Clast See Details
Cysto / Internal Urethrotomy See Details
CAPD Catheter Insertion See Details
Resection of Bladder Neck See Details
Cysto / RGP / L.C / D.J Stenting See Details