Blood Pressure and Hyper Tension Can be a Silent Killer

High Blood Pressure is very common nowadays and in today’s fast life with much stress and consumption of junk food blood pressure is becoming a menace. High Blood Pressure can be very dangerous if not controlled, regularly monitored and not following health and medical advice. It mostly effects aged people but today middle aged people and even younger people are suffering from blood pressure. 

Some Dangers

  1. High blood pressure can be a reason for heart attack
  2. It can also be a cause for kidney disease
  3. It negatively impacts your health

Life Style Solution 

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

  1. Regular work-out, asana and exercise can be helpful
  2. Diet control, including food like garlic, fish oil, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium rich diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, skimmed milk and such milk items.

Eat: Berries, Potatoes, Beets, Skim Milk, Oats, Banana etc ** if there is any physical problem like obesity, Diabetes, Kidney Disease etc then do consult your doctor for diet guidance.

  1. Reduce consumption of alcohol, sweets , fat rich food, aerated drinks and other junk food
  2. Maintain healthy body weight
  3. Reduce salt intake
  4. Try yoga, meditation and mind training

Medical Solution

  1. Consult specialist doctor for medical advice
  2. Monitor your blood pressure regularly
  3. Take all your prescribed medicines
  4. Get other required medical tests done in time
  5. Follow diet chart strictly


  1. Avoid anger and stress
  2. Do keep your specialist doctor’s contact number, WhatsApp, e-mail handy
  3. Do save an 24 hours emergency hospital number, WhatsApp, e-mail contact

 *Health Awareness Article in People Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute