Second Opinion and Expert Opinion in Cancer

Have any of your close ones been affected with cancer? Has your doctor already given you an ultimatum? Are you thinking of taking a second opinion? But you’re not very sure? Then, this is the right place for you. Read more to know why you should consider taking another opinion for cancer and how you should proceed to it.



By nature, cancer is one of the most complex diseases of humankind. Its recognition is difficult and getting a proper treatment can be even more confusing. If you miss any small detail or misjudge any symptom, it can possibly lead to a big misfortune for the patient. Therefore, an expert opinion on cancer treatment and diagnosis will be an aiding factor in the correct direction. 


Importance of Second Opinion for Cancer Treatment 

In the cancer journey, understanding each and every step with acute details and doing deep analysis require a thorough expert opinion on the subject. You also need to be very sure before committing to any sort of treatment. 

Seeking a second expert opinion for cancer has several advantages. Primarily, a second opinion instills in you a sense of reassurance that the way of treatment your doctor has prescribed is the correct way to do it. Cancer is a war of mental strength and double checking will only add on to that strength. 

Secondly, different oncologist specialists may have different methods of treatment. When you go for a second opinion, you get the chance to look through various other options available. Once again, you can go through all the possible outcomes before finalizing on. Besides knowing about other options, you can also avoid other potentially unnecessary treatment options.

Studies reveal up to 30% of patients who look for another opinion, end up finding a better alternative for fighting cancer and every 1 in 5 patients receive an altogether different diagnosis. It’s not questioning a doctor’s ability to treat an individual; rather, it reflects how you will be taking charge of your life and make informed decisions regarding your health.  


When Should You Seek A Second Opinion on Cancer?

Treating a cancer patient is not only a toll on the patient’s mental well-being, it’s also a worrisome matter for the family members as well. If you feel you are not fully getting what your doctor is prescribing or if you feel the ongoing treatment is too aggressive on the patient, you should consult another healthcare provider in no time.  


What to do When You Go for A Second Opinion?

When you go for a second opinion on cancer, you should be fully prepared with every detail. 

  • Organize all the documents related to your medical history
  • All your test reports, imaging results, treatment history- keep all these at one place 
  • Ask your doctor what are their alternative treatment plan and how that plan differs from the initial treatment
  • Know about the chances of negative outcomes and make an informed decision. 

Second and Expert Opinion in Oncology at Desun Hospital

At Desun Institute of Cancer, we understand that treating a condition like cancer can be severely intimidating. But we are always here for our patients. We don’t leave our patients on their own. We understand the severity of the cancer, we take into account their financial conditions and look for better alternatives. 


Personalized Cancer Care

The new-age treatment plan is not anymore physician-centric, it is based on a patient-centric model. At Desun Hospital, we tailor care solutions based on the different aspects of each patient, such as initial treatment, approximate duration, stages of cancer and possible long-term effects. 

Clinical Collaboration

Collaborating with other doctors, sometimes other departments as well- is a way to ensure the patient gets the best possible treatment option for cancer. Our physicians discuss the complex matters with other specialists, like neurologists, cardiologists, ortho specialists etc. and conclude at the best alternative.  


Cancer is an intimidating disease and getting a second and expert opinion on it, can be the turning point in your treatment course. Make sure you understand all the nuances first, get a clear picture of the possible side effects. Our doctors and healthcare professionals are always there to guide and help our patients in this difficult journey.