Drive and Commute Safely During Monsoon

Driving or commuting during monsoon we need to take special care to keep us protected and avoid any kind of accidents. During monsoons the heavy rain and the thunderstorms pose threat to life and property. Health hazards along with occurrence of accidents due to negligence are more rampant.

Driving Safety during Torrential Rain, Thunder Storms and Lightning

  1. Drive at reasonable speed , do not over speed
  2. Do not intent or jump signals , follow traffic rules strictly
  3. Be very vigilant in road
  4. Maintain your car well, get it checked and be assured your car is in good condition
  5. Special check for the car tiers and breaks

    Drive Safely in Monsoon

    Drive Safely in Monsoon

  6. If you use specs make sure your vision is clear , get your eye tested
  7. Avoid any kind of alcoholic drinks before and while driving, It is also not legal to drink and drive
  8. Avoid playing radio, using mobile phones especially during thunderstorms , these devices can be dangerous
  9. During torrential rain the outer mirrors are also not very clear , the rear glass view is also not very clear in usual case , so concentrate more  on the road , also avoid loud music as it will make you unable to hear sound outside the car
  10. Try travel through the usual road, so that you have more idea of the road condition and can be intuitive.

Safe Commuting during Heavy Rainfall , Thundershowers and Lightning

  1. Use rain gears that are travel friendly especially for walking and public transports. Example Gum Boots , Rain Coats , Caps , Water Proof Bags , Umbrella etc
  2. Do not rush , run in bus terminus, train stations, ferry ghats or public transport stands
  3. Do get down from vehicles carefully

    Safe Commuting during Monsoon

    Safe Commuting during Monsoon

  4.  Walk carefully and try use high roads and known roads
  5. Avoid standing, walking from near transformers, lamp posts and other such electrical structures
  6. Do take shelter from torrential rain, thunderstorms, lighting in low lying strong shelters. Avoid standing under  trees , small roadside structures etc
  7. Avoid using mobile phones, headsets etc during travelling
  8. Read whether reports, set alerts in mobile phones if compatible or desktop and laptops.
  9. Avoid using cycles during lightning
  10. Try avoid going near water bodies during thunderstorms , rain etc

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