Foods That Help in Insomnia

Lack of sleep can cause a lot of health problems. We can feel tired if we do not get proper rest. It is also important to sleep during usual hours for maintaining a proper daily routine at work and in life.

Insomnia today is a major health related problem. It is affecting our lifestyle.

Disturbed sleep or no sleep till late hours at night can even impact our mental health.

Balanced diet with required nutrition along with regular exercise and well planned working hours can help us sleep better at night time.

Some regular food items than can help us sleep better

Fruits and Vegetables Cereals and Whole Grains Liquid Food Items Nuts and Legumes Non-Veg Food Items
Banana Oatmeal Chamomile tea Peas Red meat
Apples Multi grain breads Honey Soya beans Turkey
Apricots Milk Almonds Eggs
Spinach Pistachios
Coriander Cashew
Sweet potato and potato Walnuts
Foods That Help Sleep Better

Foods That Help Sleep Better

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