Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is a practice in many parts of the world. People fast for various reasons and apart from scarcity of food the most common reasons are health and religious beliefs.  Healthy people or people not suffering from diabetes, anemia or some other health related problem can fast for a day or half a day if not advised otherwise by medical practitioners.

Health Benefits of Fasting

Health Benefits of Fasting

The most common benefits of fasting includes

Loss of excess fat: Fasting at times for half a day or a day creates a caloric deficit and this combined with a reduction in the levels of fasting blood sugar helps in reducing fat in the body.

Healthy Hormone Condition: Short fasting can help in boosting the human growth hormone or the fitness hormones. It also improves the homeostasis balance.  The production of digestive hormones may get better. Controls tendency of overeating and also helps reducing chances getting diabetes.

Heart benefits: At times fasting for some hours also helps in keeping lower triglyceride and blood sugar levels that benefit the heart health.  Fasting contributes positively in body weight management that also helps in maintaining a healthy cardiac condition.

More health benefits: Well managed fasting also helps in increasing immunity, quicker tissue repair and few other lifestyle related problems.

Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

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