Hepatitis – A Major Killer – Hepatitis A infects more than 1.4 Million People Worldwide

Hepatitis A infects a large number of people in the developing world. It can be a major killer if not treated in time.  Hepatitis vaccination is very important to be safe.  Hepatitis A also appears as epidemic in certain parts of world and takes heavy toll if specific treatment is not rendered in time.

Hepatitis A affects the liver and early diagnosis is required to start specific treatment.

Mortality rate is higher among aged.

Severe condition without appropriate treatment can result in emergency hospital admission for survival. Immediate treatment from specialist doctors, certain superspeciality tests without wasting any further time and start of medication and other medical support may be needed.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A

How Hepatitis A Infects?

  1. It spreads through consumption of contaminated food; contaminated food in this case is food that is infected through excretion (feces) of an infected person carried by insects, flies, water or some other source.
  2. People in places with bad or low sanitation are more prone to Hepatitis.
  3. It also spreads through contaminated water.
  4. Personal oral hygiene is also integral in prevention of this infection.

 Identify and Diagnosis of Hepatitis A?

Symptoms of Hepatitis A vary as per age (Adults and Children) and severity. But right diagnosis will help to identify the impact of the infection on the human body.  The symptoms can be severe or not very significant. But in any case ignoring it can be fatal. Common symptoms are

  1. Fever
  2. Depression
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Mild to Severe diarrhea
  5. Nausea
  6. Abdominal pain or discomfort
  7. Dark-colored urine
  8. Jaundice (paleness or yellowish skin and eyes)

In many cases children do not display many symptoms, adults and older children can have much more severe identifiable symptoms.

Treatment and Cure

There is no specific treatment for hepatitis. Symptom based treatment, replacement of fluids through fluid intake, proper balanced diet. The treatment in most cases lasts for 2-4 weeks, but a long term care of diet and health is needed as per doctor’s advice. Periodic tests or reviews may be required in some cases.

It is very important to follow specialist doctor’s advice and avoid pill popping. Pill popping and self treatment can be fatal and can even cause death. The medical test reports needs to be accurate and interpreted by experienced doctors to correctly ascertain the severity of the infection.

Post treatment do be conscious of

  1. what you eat based on the type of cooking (low spice and oil)
  2. oral and personal hygiene (washing hands, plates, dishes, glasses , cups, spoons well)
  3. consume clean drinking water (boiled, stored in hygienic storage, water filters – replace and clean candles periodically)
  4. Cover food items properly to avoid flies and insects, wash fruits and vegetables well before consumption

Who are at more risk?

  1. People in developing countries
  2. Areas with poor sanitation
  3. Lack of access to safe drinking water
  4. Using injections (non sterile and non disposable), people taking drugs and sharing needles
  5. In contact with an infected person (mostly sexual – intercourse and oral, even sharing food and water in same dish and water bottle may contaminate)
  6. Non Immunized people travelling in areas where there is such an epidemic

Prevention and Immunization

General health care, hygiene along with immunization can help prevent Hepatitis A.

The immunization is available in hospitals. This immunization is for all people above 1 year of age.

  1. The spread of infection can be controlled by some simple steps
  2. Supply and access to clean drinking water
  3. Proper hygienic storage of food items
  4. Washing hands and other items of consumption of food and utensils
  5. Proper disposal and cleaning of garbage was waste etc
  6. Immunization

Immunization is available in hospitals; immunization can be done anytime after 1 year age. Immunization of Hepatitis is a must today. It is better to get in touch with hospitals for such vaccines. The vaccine needs to be authentic and proper vaccination procedure needs to be followed. Special care is required for children.

People with chronic liver disease and weakness of liver is more at risk, so they need to contact specialist doctors, get required liver check up done as per doctor advice to know condition of liver and take decision for vaccination as per doctor’s advice.

Help and make People Aware

Make people aware about Hepatitis and Hepatitis A.

Do spread the information about prevention though proper hygiene, cleaning of garbage etc

Tell others about vaccination

If you come across someone with similar symptoms do communicate the need for specialist doctors for such treatment.

*Health Awareness Article in People Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute  on 28 July 2014, World Hepatitis Day.

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  1. Superspeciality Test Hepatitis A Virus IgM : It is useful for diagnosis of acute Hepatitis A virus (HAV) Infection. If positive hepatitis A in blood is detected alongwith positive hepatitis E, it can be life threatening.


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