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A fortnight holiday of Shraboni (7) with her family in North-East India could have turned to a nightmare, but fortunately the crunch happened after they returned to Kolkata. In the flight while returning she complained of having headache and weakness. Her parents thought it might be travel fatigue. Next day she felt a bit better so went for the routine morning walk with her dad. Merely after 10 minutes of walk Shraboni was sweating as if back from a marathon. She was feeling nausea and extremely weak followed by high fever with shiver. fever image

 The 7-year-old girl was then rushed to their family physician. Their family physician prescribed some pills. But after 2 days there was non-remission of fever.Subsequently the doctor advised to go for some speciality checks. “I quickly brought my daughter to Desun after being referred by my family physician”, her father said. “Here they took prompt care of Shraboni and their advanced fever checkup revealed that she was suffering from malaria and needed an immediate hospitalisation”, exclaimed her nervous father. “After seeing the reports I was in  a dilemma  where to go , what to do,  but Desun proved to be a one stop solution for my dilemma” , He concluded. 

Shraboni was discharged within a week with light medication post discharge. After few days when her father was at Desun to consult a doctor for his mother’s treatment, Shraboni personally met her attending doctor to thank him for her speedy recovery.

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