Watching Sports on Television can be both Good and Bad for Health and Heart

Watching sports, athletes perform and someone else exercising affects the blood flow to heart, heart rate and the nervous system.  At times the effect is beneficial and at times it can be alarming.


People watching sports or other people exercising can get a raise in heart rate, breathing rate and there be more blood flow below the skin. This may benefit the person as similar happens during workouts and participating in sports and games.

Again the cases of heart attack increases during sports sessions like Olympic, World Cups, soccer leagues, cricket tournaments etc. People watching highly competitive  sport events , matches , competitions is television may get highly excited and involved and there may be  increase in blood pressure, heart rate decreased and variations, the building blocks from blood clot increases and all these factors increases the risk oh heart attack.


People with history of heart attack in past or having some kind of cardiac problem should be careful while watching sporting events in television or live at stadium. Again watching sports with exercising some control over mind and involvement with the event can be beneficial for health.


It is not a good idea to watch television for long hours each days , ideally we should combine various activities at mental and physical level as per out available time and situation to keep our body and mind engaged in multifarious activities that will help us to be happy and healthy.

Article in people Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute


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