Desun Hospital and Heart Institute

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is located in Kolkata. Desun is now operating successfully for few years and a lot many people from not only Kolkata but also Parts of West Bengal and India visit Desun Hospital for treatment.

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute offers an array of medical treatment facility alongside good medical care infrastructure.  Specialist doctors, trained nurses, ambulance assistance, deposit free admission and 24 hours emergency admission are facilities that have restored confidence among people far and wide on the hospital.

Desun hospital is located in a very well connected and convenient location on Desun More near kasba Golpark in south of Kolkata. Kasba- Golpark is well networked through public transport like buses, local trains, trains, autos and cabs from different corners of Kolkata and important points in the city where from people who reach Kolkata from parts of West Bengal and India can reach the hospital very easily.

There are many guest houses and accommodations on rent available around Desun hospital & Heart Institute and these provide decent accommodation along with food arrangement for people who visit the hospital from distant areas for quality and affordable medical treatment.

Affordable low cost medical facility in high-end healthcare infrastructure is provided in Desun Hospital and Heart Institute. The administrative department, the patient care and admission depart is very proactive and helping. They are always on their heels to address the requirements of patients and visitors to the earliest.

The health care facilities like equipments, machines, OTs and other patient related things are regularly upgraded , tested and maintained in very good condition to induce the concept of well being more efficiently.

A large number of patients with various medical complications have been treated and most of them refer their friends and relatives for reasonable cost quality treatment to this Kolkata hospital.  Most of the patients are happy about the treatment expense bills that are lower than many hospitals in Kolkata and India.

The OPD department is well organized with large number of doctors, specialist doctors and an active administration and patient care department coordinating all things well.

Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is soon looking forward to expand their network of hospitals in various parts of the country to reach more people and make good medical facilities available to patients.