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Desun Diabetes Week Special Check Up Package

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder where there are high blood sugar levels for a considerably period.  Usually blood tests help determine such condition.  There is also a health condition of hypoglycemia where there is diminished quantity of sugar levels in blood.  These are broadly classified as Type I (Hypoglycemia) and Type II (Diabetes Mellitus – DM) . The type II diabetes is largely of 3 types.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

Type I DM : In this condition the body fails to produce enough insulin. These patients are usually insulin dependent.

Type II DM : In this condition a person develops insulin resistance. Usually people who are overweight or obese and do not perform regular exercise of physical activity undergo such health condition.

Gestational Diabetes: Common with pregnant women usually with no previous condition of diabetes.

Normal Blood Sugar Ranges

Fasting blood sugar levels between 70 to 80 mg/dL or even 60 in some cases are taken to be normal for non diabetics. For pre diabetics even 90 is acceptable. Post lunch \ meal or consuming food the normal range is upto 140 usually 2 hours after eating. Above these are condition where there is excess glucose in blood. Below the lower ranges are lower glucose in blood and in both cases of excess and lower we need to consult doctor soon and get diagnosis, required tests, take prescribed medicines and do lifestyle changes.

Diabetes Impact on Health

Diabetes Impact on Health

Usual Type II – Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

  • Weight loss
  • Increased thirst and frequent urination
  • Sudden hunger
  • Low energy
  • Blurred vision in some cases
  • Skin problems usually dark patches

Who are More at Risk?

  • People with family history (mostly parents and close relatives)
  • People with more fat in abdomen are more at risk than with people with fat in other body area like legs, back etc
  • People who are mostly inactive and lead a sedentary life
  • People mostly above 45 are more at risk, it is better to be alert and keep monitoring blood sugar levels if you are above 30
  • Pre diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar level is towards higher levels but not as high to be termed as diabetic
  • Diabetes symptoms of high blood glucose levels during pregnancy
  • Women with polycystic ovaries are more at risk

How Diabetes Mellitus Impacts Our Health?

Uncontrolled diabetes can trigger a host of health related problems

  • Heart related and blood vessels related problem
  • Nerve related problems (neuropathy)
  • Kidney related problems (nephropathy)
  • Eye problems (diabetic retinopathy)
  • Foot damage (problems with stepping, walking, sensation)
  • Delayed healing of wounds and cuts
  • Recurrence of diseases
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Some Good Habits That Will Benefit Us?

  • Regular work out, walking, asana or any other type of physical activity. Do take advice of doctor if you already have any health related problem/s
  • Proper and timely consumption of food. You can also consider taking diet chart from qualified dietician
  • Mind control and controlling anger, stress
  • Proper rest and sleeping 8 hours at night
  • No pill popping, taking prescribed medicines only
  • Not ignoring health related problems
  • Undergoing prescribed medical tests in time
  • Yearly once at least diabetes check and general health check for non diabetics. For diabetics periodically monitoring blood glucose level and other required health checks
  • Read about diabetes , make others aware by spreading the message

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Health Awareness Article on Diabetes on World Diabetes Day Friday 14th November 2014

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